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Maria's place is located in the idyllic village Oia in Santorini island.
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Oia is the cosmopolitan village of Santorini island...

World famous for the dreamfull sunset. Every evening at the caldera of Oia, many people gather to see and feel the magical moment when the sun is hidding in the verbosity of Aegean sea and the sea reflects all the fire colors of the leaving day.

Oia is built at an altitude of 350 meters and is located at the north side of the island having 11 km distance from Fira (capital). It is unique for the authentic beauty. The attribute is the digged houses - the cave houses, that are caved at the rock. This kind of houses we can come accross only at Santorini cause of the terain texture.

 - Maria's Place

Oia is the first settlement in Greece that is pronounced preserved and not only for the cave houses but for all the traditioanal island beauty. Even the new built houses distinguish for theιr traditional cycladic architecture and the particular physiognomy.

At the graphic alleys you will cross plenty of tourist shops, coffee shops and restaurants. In the surrounding area you will find many hotels that offer all the comforts to their guests. You can enjoy your drink at the small bars of Oia and view the amazing sights under the candle light.

From Oia you can go with car or by downstepping the 214 steps to the beach of Ammoudi. You can also swimm in the beach of Armeni that you can approach from the 300 old steps. Northeast of Oia there is the beach of Couloumbo, a quite clean beach with medium size pebbles.

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